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How Can I Be Confident in the Quality of Goods Made in China?

We are certain in the quality of goods that we manufacture at our Chinese factory. We have an in-house technical team who assure the quality of any goods before dispatch. We are in fact so certain of this quality that we offer a life time warranty on all goods that we manufacture.

With regards to sourcing of materials and products from China - We only work with manufactures in China that we deem to be working to a high standard. We provide full checks of any factories before we source any products for you.

As well as all of these checks taking place in China for you, we also offer reassurances of quality in the UK. We will happily send out samples of our goods or arrange a meeting. This will enable you to see the quality of the goods for yourself and be confident in your purchase. If required we can also check the quality of the goods once they arrive in the UK for you.

How Do Goods Made in China Compare to Those Made in Europe?

The quality of goods produced in China is improving yearly and this is allowing them to rival even their best European counterparts. The quality of properly sourced Chinese goods can be attested to by the fact that many suppliers purchase their goods from China and then assemble them in their home country – making the goods "made in" their home country.

Why Should I Use Reliable UK Trading?

We offer you all the benefits of an import and export company – translation, logistics and sourcing – yet charge none of the middle man fees. This means that you are able to send emails in English and received non canned responses. You are able to phone or email our company during UK trading hours and receive clear updates on the status of your order – all while paying Chinese prices for your products.

Do You Offer a Logo or Branding Service?

Parts can be made to individual specifications and logo and branding options are available for all products – Simply email your request to our enquiries team and we will be able to discuss it further.

Would it be Cheaper if I Sourced Directly From China myself?

We are the UK office of a Chinese underfloor heating manufacture. The price that we offer you is a direct from factory price with no extra charge on top. Therefore, why not use our UK office and source direct from China while also receiving British levels of customer service.

What Are Your Import and Export Services?

If you have a request for a specific type of product – radiator parts, tools, lighting parts etc. – then please send us an email or call us and see how we can help you source these products at factory price.

Could I Arrange a Factory Tour?

If you would like to come visit our UK warehouse or even our factory in China then please feel more than welcome. Please email us in advance to arrange a viewing.